Douglas County Parks – A Place to Bury Deceased Pets?

Last summer a friend of mine, a city dweller mind you, asked me my opinion on how to properly dispose of a small family rabbit that passed away.  In the owners view, a garbage bag to the trash can seemed inappropriate.  This friend rents an apartment, owns no property, yet wanted their beloved pet buried with minimal cost.  Where to turn?  A Douglas County park?  Yikes!  I had no idea how to answer that one.  My first thought….many of our parks in Douglas County contain acres of land, who would even notice some disturbed dirt?  My second thought…..this sounds like that movie I watched as a too young kid “Pet Cemetery”, CREEPY!

While I had no answers to the park burial question it did get me thinking about what a true asset our county parks are in Douglas County.  Like my friend did, many people think of them as places of peaceful refuge, acres of natural beauty that can be enjoyed at minimal to no cost by almost everyone.  Activities I enjoy today at Douglas County parks include cross country skiing, snowshoeing (just got some for Christmas!), swimming at Lake Le Homme Dieu Beach and hiking.  As a kid I remember celebrating my birthdays with cook outs at Brophy Park during many summers, that first sledding trip down Kensington Runestone Park’s giant hill (pretty sure I had cattails in my teeth at the bottom of the hill) and, awww, my husband and I even took our engagement picture at Kensington Runestone Park.  Lots of great memories for me and my family (not the cattail part).

To those of you who have used Douglas County parks for years, or those that have yet to be introduced, do consider attending what will prove to be one of the most important public input gatherings for our park system in recent memory.  On Tuesday, January 22nd from 6-8 p.m. at the Douglas County Public Works Building the Douglas County Park Department will host an Open House event for the public.  The purpose is to gather ideas from the Douglas County community to shape the future of Douglas County Parks.   The results of the community meeting will be rolled into a comprehensive Douglas County Park and Trail Plan – a blueprint for the county’s parks, open spaces, trails and bikeways over the next 25 years.

This is an opportunity not to be missed, however, if you can’t make it to the Open House, at the very least complete this survey to voice your opinion.

I expect to attend the Open House to voice my opinions and would like to see you there.  Who knows, I just may take a moment to ask the Douglas County Parks Director if a person can indeed legally bury a deceased pet in a Douglas County park.




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