Ever run a red light, jaywalk, or speed through a school zone? Some of us have. But none of us should.

In our every day travels, we make decisions that affect the safety of those around us.  Douglas County has launched a STREET SMART campaign to promote safe walking, biking and driving on our roads. The goal of the project is to grab the attention of the public with 4 strong messages to foster more active, healthy lifestyles while raising awareness that safety is still the number one priority on our roads, paths and sidewalks.

To highlight the importance of the campaign to the safety of local residents and the vibrancy of the community, STREET SMART images will feature some of Douglas County’s own “hometown families” and appear on billboards, posters, and other high-traffic areas.

CHECK YOUR SPEED. WATCH FOR US. is the first message to be revealed in conjunction with the statewide extra speed enforcement efforts that are happening now. With your help we can all be STREET SMART and reduce the likelihood of crashes between pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

What You Can Do to Spread the STREET SMART Message:

  • Post the STREET SMART image on your social media site. Click on this link to download the STREET SMART image in JPEG and PDF or visit
  • Send out an email-blast to co-workers, friends and family including the STREET SMART image.
  • Arrange for marquees or electronic sign boards at your local business or workplace to carry the STREET SMART image.
  • Watch for the 3 additional STREET SMART messages to be revealed in late Summer and early Fall. Coming Soon…We Cross. You Stop.
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