Half Ton Mom, Dad and Teen.

If you’ve watched any sort of television over the past years you’ve no doubt seen programming focusing on weight issues.  Program titles include “One Big Happy Family”, “Say Yes to the Dress: Losing Weight”, “My 600 lb. Life”, “I Used to Be Fat”, “Fat March” and the Half Ton Mom, Dad and Teen trio.  Some shows appear to embrace the extra pounds, while some showcase people who go to great lengths to get rid of the weight.  Either way,  America’s fascination with these types of shows seems to be steady, if not increasing. 

So what makes these shows so addicting?  I will admit.  I too have caught the bug.  My husband gets annoyed when he is watching a western (puke) and up pops the channel reminder to watch “Biggest Loser: Couples”.  I have no answer but, whatever is at the heart of America’s fascination with weight oriented programming one thing is for sure, America could use a pick me up when it comes to our weight.

Few will argue with the fact that obesity rates in the nation show no signs of decline, and much of America is desperate to change.  Yet desperation has yet to turn into collective action. 

While there is no one solution to the problem, sharing resources may be one way to help individuals change their habits.  With that, I’ve scoured the web to find, in my opinion, some of the most comprehensive online tools to help you in your weight loss journey.  Perhaps there is a tool listed here that will push you in a healthy direction, even if it’s only a small step toward a better life.

  • United States Department of Agriculture’s ChooseMyPlate.gov – This is an excellent website to learn about the basics of weight management and calories, physical activity and nutrition.  Use their SuperTracker as an online tracking system for food, physical activity, weight and more. 
  • Produce for Better Health Foundation’s Fruits and Veggies – More Matters – Sign up for their free newsletter, get motivated by participating on their blog and check out their video collection.  I especially love their meal planning and healthy shopping section.
  • Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! – This site’s mission is changing an epidemic of childhood obesity.  While focused on children, this site also strives to teach parents, educators and other family members to be better role models for their kids.  Use the Take the Presidents Challenge feature which encourages you to try a healthy lifestyle rich in physical activity for at least 6 weeks.
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  1. Thank you! My choice of words wasn’t the best. I’ve updated my post to clarify. It’s interesting that the lastest stats on obesity show that there is actually no increase or decrease in obesity rates nationwide, but they remain steady. I found this article interesting in the January 17th, 2012 edition of the Star Tribune.

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