Click It Or Ticket

Minnesota is off to a safer start on the roads this year, compared with the previous two years.

So far this year, traffic deaths are 23 percent below the pace of last year according to the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety.One reason being, increase of seat belt usage. 

Starting this week is the statewide “Click It Or Ticket” campaign. Law enforcement officials throughout the state will be on the lookout for motorists not wearing seat belts. In addition to promoting seat belt use, the goal  is to highlight safe, responsible driving.

The 2009 primary seat belt law authorized police to stop motorists who are not wearing seat belts, even if they have not committed other violations. A seat belt fine is $25, but can cost more than $100 with court and administrative fees. The click it or ticket campaign runs through June 5th.

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  1. Pam says:

    Okay, more people may be wearing seatbelts, however, could we contribute it partially to less driving due to the rise of gas prices?

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