Distracted Driving Enforcement Day - 4/21/11

Does the title of my blog post have you confused? To some people it may read as a foreign language.  But for most teens and even some adults you translated my message just fine. You text and drive. You see flashing lights. You get a ticket.

I’ve said it before in this blog but it can’t be said often enough: “Don’t text and drive.”

The Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety has declared Thursday, April 21, as Distracted Driving Enforcement Day coupled with an educational push in order to bring attention to the dangers of distracted driving. 

Douglas County Safe Communities Coalition: Alexandria and Osakis Police Departments, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, and MN State Patrol will be paying particular attention to driving behavior in an effort to look for drivers who are exhibiting distracted driving practices including texting.

During the April 21 distracted driving enforcement, motorists will be stopped for behavior that would endanger the motoring public. The Department of Public Safety underscores driver distractions include reaching for items, fiddling with radio/music/vehicle controls, eating/drinking, dealing with rowdy passengers, grooming and more.

In order to support the April 21st effort, the Office of Traffic Safety created two new TV spots designed to target moms and teens who may be tempted to text while driving. The dark comedy spots show the dead victims texting while enclosed in body bags. An attendant in the morgue explains to the victims — a busy mom and a male teen with a crush — that texting behind the wheel caused their deadly crashes.

w@ cn u do?

Post the following message on your Facebook status and ask your friends, family, customers and clients to do the same – please post on Facebook NOT while driving a motorvehicle :)

“Get your thumbs off your phone and get your mind on the road! Minnesota has a “no texting law” — make sure your friends know it’s illegal to read/compose/send texts and emails — as well as access the Web when driving.”

View new texting while driving TV spots here:

The distracted driving enforcement and education effort is a component of the state’s core traffic safety initiative, Toward Zero Deaths (TZD). For more information about our local TZD efforts visit Douglas County Safe Communities website: www.dcsafecommunities.webs.com

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