One man. In a box. For one month.

“Let me see you move.” Do ya know the jingle? It’s from the do-groove commercial, with the guy dancing in the clinic waiting room. This campaign has now moved to a man-on-display at the Mall of America (MOA), called the “Human Doing.”

Scott Jorgenson from St. Paul lives an unhealthy lifestyle, and he, the “human doing,” is seeking to improve his eating and physical activity behaviors during a 30-day stint in healthier surroundings. 

For 30 days and nights this man is under the watchful eyes of thousands of people on-line and hundreds right outside his door at MOA. Three to five times a day Scott exercises. Through Facebook, Twitter and text messaging, followers vote on what he will have to do for a minimum of 10 minutes. When the time comes, whichever activity has the most votes he comes out and does it.

It just so happened that I was with my family recently at the Mall of America.  I had no prior knowledge of this display and like other visitors, was very intrigued.  It definitely got my attention. So much that I got right up front with my prying eyes to check it out. I too voted for the healthy activity I wanted him to do. Hoola hoop for ten minutes won the votes.

After his activity, the man popped his head out of from the glass door to visit with us. My question to him, “how many days do you have left?”  His response, “Twenty-nine! Today is day number one.”

"Pilates with Chris Freytag"

Since day-one I have followed the human doing’s blog. He has posted some tasty recipes that he has learned from great healthy living expert Chris Freytag. He has gone snorkeling in the large saltwater tank, participated in Yoga and Capoeira classes (a Brazilian Martial arts) and of course is ‘’ the activities people vote on. So he’s an active guy now and eating healthier, that’s a big change from day-one.

Whether you see this as a publicity stunt or a social experiment by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, the masterminds behind this campaign, it has captured our attention. That’s the goal. Blue Cross says a lot is at stake. Six out of 10 Minnesotans are currently overweight or obese.

The Human Doing is an amazing idea, honestly. So amazing, I encourage you to follow it.  His success hinges on encouragement and support from friends and family, from people like you and I who visit the mall and follow him online at

In a recent blog post he writes, “As day 16 comes to a close, I am reminded that the healthy choices I make, can impact my friends as well. And it was not that hard to DO.”

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