How to get on the ‘Biggest Loser’

After 7 or 8 seasons of the Biggest Loser television show and seeing so many success stories you can’t help but think, “How can I get on the Biggest Loser?” Well you’re in luck. The Biggest Loser is coming to Minnesota.

Okay, I can’t help you get on the actual television show but imagine having the ability to donate one pound of food for every pound of weight lost.

That’s right! The Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota is making that thought a reality through their Biggest Loser challenge. Minnesota residents can transform their lost pounds into food bank donations by participating in the competition.

The challenge is taking place statewide to encourage Minnesotans to live a healthier lifestyle. For every pound of weight a person pledges to lose, a pound of groceries will be delivered to a local Feeding America food bank. A pledge to maintain a healthy weight will result in a five-pound grocery donation.

The Biggest Loser Minnesota Challenge is an exciting opportunity for Minnesota families and friends to compete with others throughout the state as they set in motion a healthier lifestyle for 2011.

Participants who consistently track their healthy behaviors throughout the competition may be eligible for prizes, as well, including a trip to the Biggest Loser television finale in Los Angeles, California. So you may actually get to be on the television show after all.

Anyone who lives or works in the state of Minnesota can create or join a team with coworkers, friends or family members. Registration for the competition begins Jan. 12, and the Minnesota Challenge runs Jan. 24 through April 15.

During the Minnesota Challenge, teams can log in to to track their behaviors and compete for real-time online rankings against other teams throughout Minnesota. Participants must be 18 years or older and the challenge is free.

Learn more about how to compete in the Minnesota Challenge at

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